Port Declares Emergency Situation

Dec 21, 2018

In compliance with Washington State statutes RCW 39.04.020, RCW 39.04.280, and RCW 53.08.120, the Executive Director of the Port of Port Angeles declares an emergency situation exists that presents a real, immediate threat to the proper performance of essential functions and will result in material loss or damage to property if immediate action is not taken. Further, the Executive Director waives the competitive bidding requirements and authorizes a contract be awarded to Earth Tech Construction, LLC of Port Angeles, WA for the amount not to exceed $111, 513.51 to address this emergency situation.

The emergency situation is the result of an unforeseen wind and rain storm that occurred on Friday, December 14, 2018. The Port Angeles Fairchild International Airport sustained winds with gusts over 40 miles per hour, and after said storm endured heavy rains for a period of 2-3 days.

As a result of the storm, the Port sustained extensive damage to its property. Specifically, heavy winds removed extensive portions of the Main Terminal’s maintenance hangars (East and West Block Hangars), and substantial water is now leaking into said hangars.

These projects must be handled under emergency contracting provisions in order to resume essential operations and ensure that assets are protected from further damage as quickly as possible. Failure to resume operation in a timely manner will likely result in significant financial loss, including but not limited to the loss of existing customers, and the failure to repair the damage immediately will result in further property damage.

Any questions or comments please contact Chris Rasmussen-Public Works and Operations Manager (360) 417-3446 or email chrisr@portofpa.com.