Intermodal Handling & Transfer Facility

The Port of Port Angeles has played an integral role in supporting the timber industry. At one time, logs occupied about 500 acres of waterfront property, compared to 25 acres today. Even with this decrease, logs continue to play a pivotal role in our local economy. Log exports have been a major revenue source to the Port for many decades.

The Port is a key component of the international forest products market. Over the years, the Port has become a global hub for shipping timber products from local and non-local sources to domestic and international markets. Logs from Clallam County forests are shipped to mills in Puget Sound and west coast destinations by barge, as well as to markets around the Pacific Rim. Logs originating from Alaska and Canada reach local markets by traveling through the Port.

The Intermodal Handling & Transfer Facility is a major transportation link that serves many interests beyond Clallam County, bringing their business to our county. Maintaining facility operations at the waterfront allows for barging of logs, towing of logs and other water dependent opportunities that can make the difference in extending the forest product activity as a cycle ends or a new cycle starts. This supports business and community needs. The Intermodal Handling & Transfer Facility is a public good that is available to all businesses on an equal basis.

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