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What Commissioners Do

Adapted from the Washington Public Ports Association’s Commissioners Resource Guide

A port commission, like a city council or county commission, is a quasi-legislative body that establishes policies to guide the port district.  These policies or decisions might involve adopting plans, establishing positions and setting employment policies, purchasing or disposing of real estate and other property, setting rates, adopting budgets, or levying taxes.

Port commissioners set the policies that guide the development, growth and operation of all the port’s facilities and functions.  They provide for the hiring of professional staff charged with carrying out and administering established policies. Members of the port commission are themselves accountable for their action under many of the state’s civil and criminal laws. They’re also accountable to the people since they must stand for reelection at the end of their term.

The Commission is responsible for retaining an Executive Director who derives authority from the Commission and implements the objectives established by the Port Commissioners. Any Commission directives or initiatives are made through the Executive Director and shall be made only by the Commission acting as a body. The Executive Director shall regularly inform and consult with the Commission, by a method mutually agreeable to the Commission and the Executive Director, regarding execution of Port policies, Port operations, and information relevant to Commission oversight. The Executive Director shall serve as the primary spokesperson for the management of the Port.

In summary, the role of the Commission is to set policies and standards as above. The Executive Director, working with Port staff, executes these directives. The Commission does not directly engage in the operations of the Port. Click here to see a commissioner’s job description.

Commission Meetings

Port of Port Angeles actively promotes a policy of transparency and welcomes the public to participate in our open, public commission meetings. These are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at the Port Administration Building, 338 West First Street in Port Angeles. The meeting begins at 9:00am.

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Port Resolutions

Port resolutions are available following approval.
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Colleen M. McAleer

District 1 Commissioner
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Phone: 360-457-8527

Steven D. Burke

District 2 Commissioner
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Phone: 360-457-8527

Connie L. Beauvais

District 3 Commissioner
Email Connie
Phone: 360-457-8527