Notice of CERB Planning Grant Application

Jan 20, 2022

Notice of CERB Planning Grant Application

The Port of Port Angeles is in the process of applying for funding under the Washington State Department of Commerce Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) planning grant program. This potential funding will be used to assist in the development of a Dry Dock Feasibility Study.

At the Port Commission Meeting scheduled for January 25, 2022 at 9:00 a.m., Port Administration Building, 338 W. First Street, Port Angeles, WA 98362, the Commissioners will consider Resolution 22-1250 authorizing the Executive Director to make a formal application to CERB for funding assistance. The meeting will be conducted in person or virtually through ZOOM Cloud Meetings. A link to the meeting and instruction will be located at:

The proposed funding at a maximum of $50,000 would be used to develop a Dry Dock Feasibility Study. The study is to evaluate the purchase and installation of a dry dock by the Port for the lease and use by private marine trades companies in the maintenance and repair of boats and ships. The Port has been approached by interested private firms to site a dry dock at the Port’s existing marine terminal complex. The intent of the study is to determine the economic viability of a dry dock through a market/financial model analysis based on demand and engineering construction cost estimates for required infrastructure and environmental controls. The overall objectives of the study is to confirm the purpose, need and opportunity of establishing a dry dock at the Port; consider the economic needs of the County; analyze the positive economic and social impacts; and insure that environmental best practices would be in place for this proposed development.

Interested parties may make comment regarding this grant application or other issues during two

public comment periods during each commission meeting. Out of respect for everyone attending, speakers are asked to keep their comments to less than three minutes each.


The agenda for the January 25, 2022 Commission Meeting will be available at:


Please contact Chris Hartman (Port Director of Engineering) at 360-457-8527 or with any questions regarding this grant application.