Boat Haven Laundry Facility Set to Open

Oct 24, 2018

The Port Angeles Boat Haven’s newly constructed laundry facility is set to open on Thursday, October 25, 2018. The laundry facility is open only for the moorage and transient moorage tenants of the Port Angeles Boat Haven.

Previous marina studies and the Boat Haven tenants had identified a laundry facility at the marina as a desirable amenity for current tenants and boaters visiting from other marinas. The Port listened to this request and applied for a Recreation Conservation Office (RCO) grant to help pay for facility. The Port was awarded by the State Recreation Conservation Office (RC0) a Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) of up to $61,600 of federal funding in June 2017 for the construction of a laundry facility at the Port Angeles Boat Haven. The Boating Infrastructure Grant Program provides funding to develop and renovate boating facilities targeting guest recreational boats. The funding for the BIG comes from a portion of the federal Aquatic Resources Trust Fund that utilizes motorboat fuel taxes.

The Port bid the construction of the laundry facility in 2017, but the lowest bid received was $91,000 over the engineers estimate of $145,000. In lieu of using a contractor for such a small facility, the Port chose to utilize the talents and skills of their facilities maintenance crew. The final cost to build the facility was approximately $65,000 and the RCO grant will fund approximately 50% of this project.