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Launch Ramp
Annual Permits

Annual permits may be purchased for $41.00 at John Wayne Marina Harbormaster's Office. You may choose to purchase a permanent decal if they have a single towing vehicle or a mirror hanger permit for up to three towing vehicles. Proof of ownership of all towing vehicles is required at the time of purchase of permit. View or download the launch application.
 JWM Launch Ramp
  *Photo courtesy of Tyler and Hannah Photography*
  • The permanent decal is affixed to the lower inside corner of the windshield on the driver's side. The original decal is replaced free of charge in the event the windshield or vehicle is replaced during the year, provided that the purchaser returns the decal or a notarized statement from an appropriate agency in case of the loss to the Port or authorized selling agent of the Port for replacement. Additional decals or replacements are $41.00.
  • The mirror hanger permit may contain up to three vehicle license numbers of towing vehicles owned by and registered to the original purchaser. If more than three towing vehicles are used by the purchaser, additional license numbers are recorded on a second permit. Both permit numbers and the total number of vehicle numbers are recorded on the sales receipt. The permit is displayed in the front windshield of the towing vehicle suspended from the rear view mirror.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the purchaser to transfer the permit between towing vehicles, properly display the permit and protect against theft. If the permit becomes damaged, it will be replaced free of charge during the year if returned to the port or an authorized selling agent of the Port. Additional permits or replacement of the original permit without turn-in of the original will cost $41.00.

Launch Ramp Payment

Upon payment of the initial launch ramp fee and transient moorage fee, moorage customers at either of the port's marinas may be issued a notice of fees paid by the harbormaster in lieu of additional daily launch / parking fees. The harbormaster, upon issuing such notice, shall direct the customer to park in the designated extended parking area and display the notice. The customer shall be responsible for parking in the proper area, display of the permit and protection against loss. The notice shall be valid only on the dates shown on the notice.

Annual launch ramp permits may be also be purchased at the following locations:
  • Port Angeles Boat Haven
    832 Boat Haven Drive
    Port Angeles, WA
  • Port of Port Angeles Administration Building
    338 W. First St.
    Port Angeles, WA

Ron Amundson
Title:  John Wayne Marina Harbormaster
Phone: 360-417-3440
Email Ron Amundson

Jerry Ludke
Title: Airport & Marina Manager
Phone: 360-417-3363
Email Jerry Ludke